Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of the greatest mother-daughter moments of all time...

One of the greatest mother-daughter moments of all time occurs when:
  • A mother and daughter are shopping for a dress for the daughter.
  • The mother sees a dress she knows is exactly the right cut and color for the daughter, and that it will look fabulous on her.
  • The mother hands the daughter the dress.
  • The daughter does NOT say the following: "I would never wear that." "That's an old-person dress." "Eww. No."
  • The daughter cheerily says, "OK," and takes the dress into the dressing room.
  • The daughter comes out in the dress, twirls in front of the mirror and says, "I love it."
  • The mother says, "It's the perfect cut for you," and the daughter says, "I know. Thank you."
I had one of those moments tonight -- actually, four of them. Dillard's was having a huge sale, I suggested four dresses to Caroline, and we bought them all (for less than I had planned to spend for one dress). I don't have photos of them yet, but check out the picture below. During her senior year of high school, we found that dress at 8:45 p.m. at a store that closed at 9. She hated it on sight; in fact, I think she may even have cried out of frustration when I pressured her to try it on. Two years later, it remains her favorite dress.

Four new dresses, and she's beautiful in each one. And I, obviously, am awesome. :)

Caroline, in the infamous 8:45 p.m. dress

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