Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not just another awards ceremony

Think of how many awards ceremonies you've attended in the course of your life.

If you're anything like me, you haven't enjoyed many of them. But let me tell you -- Iowa State University knows how to do awards ceremonies right.

Tonight, I was a guest of my 22-year-old son, Scott, at the VEISHEA and Student Activities Center's Leadership, Faculty/Staff and Organization Recognition Ceremony. Scott is humanities director for the International Student Council, and the group had been informed that its members would be receiving the "Outstanding Commitment to Diversity" award.

Very cool, yes. But even cooler was the fact that the ceremony was really about all the students. It wasn't just an excuse for administrators to tout their own successes; it was really about highlighting just what the kids have done throughout the year to make the campus -- and the world -- a better place.

From the group Scott belongs to, which has organized several events this year to raise awareness of global disasters and world injustice, to a group of construction students who had built handicapped-accessible boat docks and ramps on the Skunk River, these are kids who have spent the year doing more than playing Call of Duty and watching Jersey Shore. 

Iowa State had a lot to be proud of tonight.  And it wasn't a bad night for a proud mom, either.


  1. Lisa,

    I was passing through the Memorial Union and saw you outside the Great Hall with Scott. You had walked away by the time I was close enough to say hi and ask what you were in Ames for, but now I have my answer. Congrats to Scott and the group!

    Keep up the great work - I really enjoy your blog posts and the insightful topics you cover!


  2. Kari, I wish I'd seen you! Your ears must have been burning last night -- Dana was over, saying nice things about you. :) Hope all is well. I enjoy following you on Twitter!