Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goodbye, Cube

So we're changing offices at work, and in the process of packing, I found the following items:

  • Two "High School Musical" folders
  • One 2006 calendar with two October 11ths
  • A paperclip holder from my ex-husband's company
  • A rubber calculator
  • A homemade Halloween CD from the individual who was my boss three bosses ago
  • Now & Laters (yum, but hell on fillings)
  • A wooden hanger
  • A baseball glove
I've "lived" in this cube for more than five years. When I started here, I had two high-schoolers, was a single mom, and had blonde hair. My, how quickly things can change. I'll miss my familiar little haven in this wild and crazy world we used to call LHS Marketing Communications.

Of course, I'm vowing that my new office -- roughly eight feet from my current one -- will remain pristine. Stop laughing, Jen and Amanda.

Here's what the current cube looks like. I'll post a picture of the pristine one next week.


  1. My favorite part of that picture is Dave's pinata

  2. I like the trash can. Bye bye, health division.